The inspiration for Octopus came from the belief that there was a gap in the market for a consultancy that could shape every aspect of a successful food operation. Octopus addresses that gap and the many opportunities relating to food & beverage that face owners and operators in today’s world. It may be creating new concepts for a hotel or resort. It may be a deep dive on an F&B operation to uncover ways to make it more appealing and hence more profitable. It may be the revitalization of a restaurant with an innovative approach to PR & marketing. Or it may be to train and coach your employees and managers to improve their overall performance.

Simply put, Octopus creates solutions that will enhance the value of your business. These are the eight areas of our expertise:



Is your F&B operation lacking in creativity? Are your restaurants and bars losing market share? Are you maximizing revenue and profit opportunities? Octopus will conduct a deep dive on your F&B Operation and offer solutions for improvement in each area of your business.



business development plans

The days of guessing how much you should spend on a restaurant or bar are gone. You need a strategic business plan based on detailed research which includes an accurate ROI for your business. It will become your road map for a successful renovation or a new business opportunity. Octopus will help you create just such a plan.


service training & openings

There is no more imperative element to keeping and retaining loyal guests than great service. Octopus will not only train your teams to understand the technical guidelines of service execution, but more importantly, to understand the emotional and intuitive elements involved in customizing each guest’s experience to suit their individual needs.  



marketing communications

How you communicate about your brand is everything. Octopus will create compelling messaging, digital collateral, social media content and collateral that effectively communicates your defining features, makes you stand out from the competition and gets people excited about dining and drinking with you.  

concept development

Eighty percent of restaurants close within two years of opening. Octopus helps you beat those odds. By introducing concepts that are relevant to today’s demographic, we’ll help you create and open restaurants and bars which are fun, busy, connected to the community and most of all profitable. 


Manager workshopS

With leadership roles being critical to your operation’s ongoing success, Octopus offers both on the floor coaching and counseling of your management team, as well as focused training on the skills needed to run a successful and profitable business. We also train on inventory management, effective communication techniques, and controlling payroll. 


leadership, learning & development

Are your leaders being effective? Are your people and teams aligned and executing effectively? Do your employees feel valued? Are people learning and growing? Great leadership is learned … you are not born with it. Octopus will customize specific leadership, learning and development initiatives that will improve your ability to get results through others.  


pr & promotions

Adapt. Create. Promote. Whether you are a new concept or an existing one, you have to work to create news to capture media and guest attention. Octopus will help you tap into your creative brain to craft promotions that will result in sales and media coverage. We’ll also craft a public relations plan that will serve as your core tool box to help you innovate and share your news.