Mezcal is the new tequila!

Well, maybe not because I'm still a huge fan of tequila, but you cannot ignore the meteoric rise of Mezcal. And, it's something all bars should be paying attention to. I've said this before but people love unique experiences when it comes to food and beverage.

While dining at ACRE restaurant in San Jose del Cabo recently, I met Dani Tartarin who is operations manager for the restaurant. She is super passionate about mezcal and she presented three very unique examples for us to compare. As per tradition, the tequilas were served with orange slices sprinkled with three different house made salts, gusano (the worm that burrows in the agave plant), chapulines (grasshopper toasted on a comal with lime and garlic) and jamaica (hibiscus).

Dani's knowledge of each mezcal was impressive. She has traveled extensively around Mexico selecting unique and rare mezcal for the restaurant. What sets the restaurant apart is how she uses her knowledge to create an experience that distinguishes ACRE from its competition.

So, to repeat a message I’ve given before: Don’t just follow current trends, create a unique experience around them that defines your brand.