Canadians are funny. Really funny.

"In fact, most everybody funny in America actually came from Canada” -- Anthony Bourdain. 

If I’m ever asked who I’d like to sit next to at dinner, my immediate answer is Anthony Bourdain. I covet his life. I love his sense of humor and I totally share his passion for food. I recently saw him speak in Toronto. No visual effects. No music. Just him and a bottle of beer. I was enthralled.

Asked if he could only make one more show of "Parts Unknown," what it would be, he said with Keith Richards at his home in the south of France. "We’d cook bangers and mash together and take a boat over to Italy for lunch." 

Asked which of his chef friends he most likes to travel with, he said Eric Ripert. "I love to torture him with super spicy Sichuan cuisine."

Asked what his cure for a hangover is, he said a Coke, Advil, a joint and a bowl of mapo tofu noodles.

Few people have done more to expose North Americans to the fascinating and diverse cuisines beyond our shores. And few have inspired us more to eat outside our comfort zone.

Keep doing what you do, Mr. Bourdain.